Established in Australia in the 1960’s, ABW foods is a third-generation family-owned business. Operating for over 50 years it is now well renowned for supplying Australians with the world’s finest food products and ingredients. Specialising in Nuts, Beans, Dried Fruit, Nougat, Exotic Spices and Middle Eastern Products such as favourites like Hommos, Tahina & Halawa , Pickles, Olives, Fresh Dates, Canned Beans, Halal Canned meats and much more.

ABW Foods continues to rapidly grow due to supplying Australia and its neighbours with the finest local and imported products. A high standard of quality is consistently achieved through long standing partnerships with overseas manufacturers and growers, which ensures only the finest quality products at the best and competitive prices all year round.

Brief History

ABW Foods Australia , originally formed as a nut roastery/retail shop which was founded in 1965 by Abdul.W.Afiouny. His business began as a small roasters/retail outlet on the east side of Sydney, also specialising in hard to find Middle Eastern food products as well as one of the first Nut Roasters catering to the Middle Eastern/European ethnic communities. The retail outlet expanded into one of the first nut roasters in Sydney and began distributing nuts and Middle Eastern food products to other retail outlets.

Ten years later, from these humble beginnings, Abdul purchased his first warehouse located in Roselands. This warehouse was approximately 2000 sqm and at the same time serviced most retail outlets in Sydney and surrounding cities including Newcastle and Wollongong as well as the city’s large ethnic markets. Additionally, this facility allowed him to bring Nuts production to a whole new level. Abdul concentrated mainly on product improvement and developments while his team focused their energy on product sales.

Objectives & Missions

The ABW Team played a great role in the growth of the company’s expansion into distribution. It allowed ABW to import larger quantities and greater varieties of products from many countries. With ABW’s distribution growth into 6 states, another facility was needed. A 4000 sqm building located in Sydney, was purchased to warehouse their extensive inventory. With the new facility the company was able to begin a new venture in the roasting of nuts and seeds manufacturing Nougat/Health Bars and now the imports of middle eastern foods. As ABW Foods expanded into other markets outside NSW, it realised that Middle Eastern foods was its niche. This began the focus on acquiring products from all over the world that were targeted toward the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African communities. As the company continued to expand due to popular product demand.

This new facility gave ABW Foods the ability to roast nuts, seeds and coffee as well as warehouse and distribute imported products under one roof. The facility supports an impressive showroom as well as their administrative offices.

ABW FOODS AUSTRALIA’s current list of capabilities and accomplishments include:

  • Distributes to 6 states and 8 countries
  • Imports and distributes over 1,000 items
  • Manufactures Nougat & Turkish delight
  • Roasts a full line of Mediterranean nuts and seeds
  • Roasts fresh coffee beans
  • supplies National supermarkets Nationwide 

Our Brand portfolio is wide and diverse and spreads across many Food categories in the Retail and Food service trade such as: Dry Groceries, Confectionery, Biscuits , Perishables and Frozen Foods. The company also has a strong focus on our private label (Greenleaf QF’s) development with its retail partners and works closely with them in pursuit of quality suppliers. Brand owners worldwide have partnered with ABW seeking to share many successes the company has achieved in over 50 years of managing grocery brands in Australia we have the exclusive rights to import many famous brands:

ABW has a single-minded focus on Sales, Marketing & Brand building whether launching new brands or growing our existing brands. Such is our ongoing dedication to this goal that many of our existing brands have become household names. All nuts are freshly roasted to perfection on premises, while our nougat is hand-made from the finest Australian ingredients and prepared in the traditional European method using hand crafted copper bowls to produce delicious nougat full of freshly roasted almonds, peanuts , macadamias and many more fruits and nuts.

Today our main aim is to make ABW Foods Australia the food importer of choice for the Australian retail markets , management and its team will utilise their importing background and experience in the food game as well as worldwide contacts to bring products that the Australian market consumers demand.

With an exceptional range of the finest imported and local food brands, ABWFoods is Australia’s leading middle eastern grocery importer and a One-Stop-Shop choice for brand owners across the globe. ABW’s future lies in the strength and success of its brands. Its history suggests that it will continue to protect them fiercely and grow them aggressively – The true “Power Behind the Brand”.

We are now working towards offering you the same excellence in quality and service that is currently available through our stores, via this website.